Ellie Pro


Ellie Pro

Product Versions

10ST – swivel armchair,  high backrest, 5-star base
20ST – swivel armchair, low backrest, 5-star base
10HST – swivel armchair, high backrest, high 4-star base
20HST – swivel armchair, low backrest, high 4-star base
10V3 – swivel armchair, high backrest, wire frame
20V3 – swivel armchair, low backrest, wire frame
10HW – swivel armchair, high backrest, wooden legs
20HW – swivel armchair, low backrest, wooden legs


In models HST, V3, HW Self mechanism is not height adjustable.


5-star base, polyamide, black or light grey
4-star high base, aluminium, colours: polished aluminium, graphite, white;
Wire frame, 2 thiknesses (Fi 12 mm; Fi 8 mm); colours: black, metallic, chrome, satine, white, graphite
Wooden legs (colours – Profim standard)


Wooden legs standard colours of lacquer (H5, H6, H7, H8, H11, H12).


It is possible to combine upholstery of inner part of shell with leather or Softline on the part of armrest


Glides/castors in models ST/HST:
hard castors (for soft floors),
soft castors (for hard floors),
teflon glides (universal).

Glides in models V3/HW:
hard glides (for soft floors),
felt glides (for hard floors),
teflon glides (universal).


Plywood covered with moulded foam, density 74 kg/m3
Armrest are integral part of the seat


Plywood covered with moulded foam, density 84 kg/m3
2 backrest types: low and high

Net Weight

10ST – 16 kg
20ST – 15 kg
10HST – 16 kg
20HST – 15 kg

Gross Weight

10ST – 20 kg
20ST – 19 kg
10HST – 20 kg
20HST – 19 kg