Product Versions

K11/K12/K13 – plywood shell
K21/K22/K23 – plywood shell, seat upholstered pad
K31/K32/K33 – plywood shell, seat and backrest upholstered pads
K41/K42/K43 – fully upholstered

Frame versions

H – four legs

V1 – cantilever, stackable

VN1 – cantilever, non-stackable

V2 – reversed cantilever, stackable

V3 – wire frame, stackable

2P – armrests


Types of frame:

4-legged (H) – metal frame, fi 16 mm

cantilever (stackable, non-stackable – V1/VN1)  – metal frame fi 22 mm

reversed cantilever  (V2) – metal frame fi 22 mm

wire frame (V3) – fi 12 mm

Frame colour:

black (powder coated)

metallic (powder coated)

chrome (chrome)

satin (chrome)

Table Top

Com H 2P and V3 2P may occur with table top (2PB). Folded table top (always black composite (HPL)), assembled on the right side, equipped with anti-panic system which prevents blocking the table top in case of sudden movement.


In Com H 2P i V3 2P armrest pad:
Standard – plastic pad (ABS), always black
Option – plywood pad

In Com K1, K2, K3 colour and type of pad is always the same as shell.
In Com K4 (fully upholstered) plywood pad finishing:
– plywood: standard colours of lacquer (H5, H6, H7, H8, H11, H12),
– natural veneers (HM): (HM): HM10 (bleached oak), HM11 (classic oak), HM12 (cardinal oak), HM20 (venge classic), HM30 (teak)
– laminates HPL (LW): LW01 (white), LW02 (black), LW04 (grey).

Versions V1 and VN1 – plastic pad, always black.


Version H :

standard – hard glides

option – felt glides

option – teflon glides

Cantilever version – V1 / VN1 / V2 / V3 :

standard – with hard glides

option – felt glides

option – teflon glides

option – without glides


Made of beech plywood; cut foam – density 35 kg/m3.

Three shapes of the shell




4 types of finishing:

beech plywood monoshell

beech plywood monoshell, seat upholstered pad

beech plywood monoshell, seat and back upholstered pad

beech plywood shell, fully upholstered


Colours of plywood:


colours of lacquer – H5, H6, H7, H8, H11, H12


laminates HPL (LW): LW01 (white), LW02 (black), LW04 (grey)

natural veneers (HM): HM10 (bleached oak), HM11 (classic oak), HM12 (cardinal oak), HM20 (wenge classic), HM30 (teak)

Seat cover always black, prevent upholstery from losing it shape during stacking.
Option – shell with handle in upper part of the backrest (C), enabling moving the chair (no applicable on full upholstered versions).

Net Weight

K11H/K12H/K13H – 5,5 kg

K21H/K22H/K23H, K41H/K42H/K43H – 6,0 kg

K11V3/K12V3/K13V3, K31H/K32H/K33H – 6,5 kg

K11V1/K12V1/K13V1, K11V2/K12V2/K13V2, K21V3/K22V3/K23V3, K41V3/K42V3/K43V3 – 7,0 kg

K11H 2P/K12H 2P/K13H 2P, K11VN1/K12VN1/K13VN1, K11V3 2P/K12V3 2P/K13V3 2P, K31V3/K32V3/K33V3, K21V1/K22V1/K23V1, K21V2/K22V2/K23V2, K41V1/K42V1/K43V1, K41V2/K42V2/K43V2 – 7,5 kg

K21H 2P/K22H 2P/K23H 2P, K21V3 2P/K22V3 2P/K23V3 2P, K31V1/K32V1/K33V1, K31V2/K32V2/K33V2, K21VN1/K22VN1/K23VN1, K41VN1/K42VN1/K43VN1 – 8,0 kg

K31H 2P/K32H 2P/K33H 2P, K31VN1/K32VN1/K33VN1, K31V3 2P/K32V3 2P/K33V3 2P  – 8,5 kg

K11VN1 2P/K12VN1 2P/K13VN1 2P – 9,0 kg

K21VN1 2P/K22VN1 2P/K23VN1 2P, K41VN1 2P/K42VN1 2P/K43VN1 2P – 9,5 kg

K31VN1 2P/K32VN1 2P/K33VN1 2P – 10,0 kg

K11V1 2P/K12V1 2P/K13V1 2P – 10,5 kg

K21V1 2P/K22V1 2P/K23V1 2P, K41V1 2P/K42V1 2P/K43V1 2P  – 11,0 kg

K31V1 2P/K32V1 2P/K33V1 2P  – 11,5 kg

Gross Weight

K11VN1/K12VN1/K13VN1 – 10,0 kg

K11H/K12H/K13H, K21VN1/K22VN1/K23VN1, K41VN1/K42VN1/K43VN1 – 10,5 kg

K11V1/K12V1/K13V1, K21H/K22H/K23H, K31VN1/K32VN1/K33VN1, K41H/K42H/K43H – 11,0 kg

K11V3/K12V3/K13V3, K11VN1 2P/K12VN1 2P/K13VN1 2P, K21V1/K22V1/K23V1, K31H/K32H/K33H, K41V1/K42V1/K43V1 – 11,5 kg

K11V2/K12V2/K13V2, K21V3/K22V3/K23V3, K31V1/K32V1/K33V1, K41V3/K42V3/K43V3, K41VN1 2P/K42VN1 2P/K43VN1 2P – 12,0 kg

K11H 2P/K12H 2P/K13H 2P, K11V3 2P/K12V3 2P/K13V3 2P, K21VN1 2P/K22VN1 2P/K23VN1 2P, K21V2/K22V2/K23V2, K31VN1 2P/K32VN1 2P/K33VN1 2P, K31V3/K32V3/K33V3, K41V2/K42V2/K43V2 – 12,5 kg

K21H 2P/K22H 2P/K23H 2P, K21V3 2P/K22V3 2P/K23V3 2P, K31V2/K32V2/K33V2, K41H 2P/K42H 2P/K43H 2P, K41V3 2P/K42V3 2P/K43V3 2P – 13,0 kg

K31H 2P/K32H 2P/K33H 2P, K31V3 2P/K32V3 2P/K33V3 2P – 13,5 kg

K11V1 2P/K12V1 2P/K13V1 2P – 14,5 kg

K21V1 2P/K22V1 2P/K23V1 2P, K41V1 2P/K42V1 2P/K43V1 2P – 15,0 kg

K31V1 2P/K32V1 2P/K33V1 2P – 15,5 kg


Plywood shell – 15 pcs
Version with upholstered pads – 12 pcs.
Fully upholstered version -10 pcs.