Chic Air


Chic Air

Product Versions

A20H – armchair, low backrest, metal legs
A20HW – armchair, low backrest, wooden legs
A10H – armchair, high backrest, metal legs
A10HW – armchair, high backrest, wooden legs
A11H – wingback chair, metal legs
A11HW – wingback chair, wooden legs


Version H – metal tube with cross section fi 16 mm

black (powder coated)
metallic (powder coated)
shiny chrome (chrome)
satin chrome (chrome)
white (EPO1, powder coated)
grey (EPO2, powder coated)
graphite (EPO3, powder coated)

Version HW – 4 wooden legs with standard colours of lacquer (H5, H6, H7, H8, H11, H12).


standard – hard glides (for soft floors)
option – felt glides (for hard floors)
option – teflon glides (universal)


Two shells:
inner (surface A) – cold molded polyurethane foam – density 65 kg/m3
outer (surface B) – plywood, upholstered with fabric or leather

It is possible to combine upholstery (surface A) with Softline or leather (surface B).

Net Weight

A20H – 19,0 kg
A20HW – 18,5 kg
A10H – 22,0 kg
A10HW – 21,0 kg
A11H – 22,5 kg
A11HW – 22,0 kg

Gross Weight

A20H – 26,0 kg
A20HW – 25,5 kg
A10H – 29,5 kg
A10HW – 28,5 kg
A11H – 30,0 kg
A11HW – 29,5 kg