• Spin cushions are ordered separately.
• Internal integrated metal frame, outer supporting frame made of natural wood.
Additional option:
• Wall panel.
Recommended upholstery materials: leatherette soft, elastic. The skin is thin.
Our novelty is a series of soft furniture „S149-Rol“, executed in the best traditions of retro style. The series perfectly combines a stylish design with a comfortable fit. „S149-Rol“ without a folding mechanism, at the same time – it’s an excellent solution for living rooms and offices, where there is no need for a berth, but there is a need for a place to relax. „S149-Rol“ series is: a soft armchair; a sofa for two or three seats, a double section and a chaise longue, from which an angular variant of the sofa is formed; pouf; spin and decorative pillows of your choice.
We produce the S149-Rol series of environmentally friendly materials. The carcass of a sofa made of natural wood is durable and refined. Smooth wooden lines, armrests and pillows create a single composition that fills the interior with cosiness and harmony. You choose the color of the furniture and the coating material. For long-term use of furniture we recommend high-quality elastic upholstery. With proper care, „S149-Rol“ will serve you for many years.