Motto 2

Product Versions

10V3 – visitor, high backrest, wire frame
10F – visitor, swivel, high backrest, 4-star base
20V3 – visitor, low backrest, wire frame
20F – visitor, swivel, low backrest, 4-star base


Version V3 – metal rod, fi 16 mm.
Frame colour:
black (powder coated)
metallic (powder coated)
chrome (chrome)
satin (chrome)

Version F – four-star base, polished aluminium


Versions 10F/20F:
P60PU – Fixed armrest, polyurethane pad

Gas Lift

In Motto 10F/20F:
standard – gaslift without memory (without height adjustment)
option – gaslift with memory


standard – hard glides (for soft floors)
option – felt glides (for hard floors)
option – teflon glides (universal)


Deciduous plywood; cold molded foam – density 67 kg/m3. Option of mixing two colours of the same fabric.


Both sides upholstered, flexible. Cold molded foam – density of high backrest 80 kg/m3, density of low backrest 66kg/m3.
Option of mixing two colours of the same fabric.

Net Weight

10V3 – 11,0 kg
10F – 12,0 kg
10F P60PU – 14,0 kg
20V3 – 10,5 kg
20F – 11,5 kg
20F P60PU – 13,5 kg

Gross Weight

10V3 – 14,5 kg
10F – 15,5 kg
10F P60PU – 17,5 kg
20V3 – 14,0 kg
20F – 15,0 kg
20F P60PU – 17,0 kg